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Helping Middle Tennesseans navigate the land of rubber is our pleasure! Did you know that Gary Force Acura sells tires for your Acura or Honda?

Yes, we carry most major brands of tires.
We intentionally do not sell lesser quality, no-name brands that some tire stores use as price leaders to get you in their store. Our experience has shown us that some of these tires when put on your Acura create an inferior ride quality and poorly affect tire longevity.
Yes, we participate in most of these specials and rebate offers when they are available.
Yes, we do and if we do not have it in-stock today, we can usually get you the factory recommended tire you require within 24 hours.

General Questions

Premature tire wear may be caused by many factors other than tire rotation. Some examples are as follows: improper inflation, driving conditions, misaligned vehicles, worn vehicle parts, and many other reasons. Without physically inspecting the tires it is difficult to determine as to why your tires wore prematurely.
When replacing only two tires on your vehicle, new tires should always be placed on the front of the vehicle.
Acura does not recommend modifying the vehicle in any manner, including changing the original tire size or the suspension. Acura vehicles meet all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards when they are originally distributed, and modification could affect the safety and/or operation of the vehicle, as well as remove it from compliance with specifications and standards mandated by the Federal Government. As with any modification, if a failure occurs on the vehicle that can be attributed to the modification, the warranty on the affected components may be voided.
The sidewall markings on a tire provide descriptive information about the tire’s design. The following refers to the tire illustration below with the sidewall marking of 225/50R16:225 – This number specifies the width in millimeters (i.e., 225 mm).
50 – This number is the Aspect Ratio, the ratio of sidewall height to width.
R – Radial
16 – This number designates the tire’s diameter in inches (i.e. 16″).
92 – This number indicates the tire’s load-carrying capacity, known as the Load Index; as the number of the load index increases so does the load-carrying capacity. (All passenger car tires in the U.S. are also marked with their actual load limit in pounds.)
V – This letter denotes the Speed Rating, the maximum tire speed under controlled test conditions. (“V” in this example is one of several types of speed ratings.)
PSI (pounds per square inch) – The maximum cold inflation rating for the tire.
DOT (Department of Transportation) – This symbol indicates the tire meets or exceeds U.S. DOT safety standards; the letters and numbers following the DOT symbol provide information about the tire manufacturer, tire size, and the date it was manufactured.

TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS, Tire Pressure Monitoring System, is an electronic system that alerts you with a dashboard indicator light when your car’s tire pressure falls to the point of needing inflation.
The light signals that one or more of your tires may have lost pressure. Our technicians can quickly inspect and diagnose the cause of the low pressure and reset the dashboard indicator light.

Are new tires in your future? Don’t go anywhere else! Bring your vehicle in, and we will provide a complimentary assessment of your Honda or Acura’s tires. It’s a one stop shop! Don’t waste time shopping online. We offer competitive pricing on all factory recommended tires, employ factory trained technicians, offer complimentary breakfast and lunch fare, and welcome you to experience our well-appointed client lounge. It makes sitting in a cramped, dirty, rubber smelling tire store waiting room an experience to forget! We have put together a list of questions most often asked, take a look and if you have one that we haven’t answered, help is only a click away!

See what hundreds of clients have to say about working with us! Once you experience the Gary Force Acura difference, you won’t want to go anywhere else!

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